Early intervention programme and Home Management Services in rural areas.
Services to: Children with cerebral palsy, Mentally challenged,Spina Bifida,Muscular Dystrophy,Autism,Dyslexia,Hearing/Visually Impaired,Behavioural and Emotional Disorders and those with Multiple Disabilities and Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD).


Pre-School Education Programme, sensory Integration & Behaviour modification.
Services provided:  Speech therapy, Physio-therapy, Acupressure therapy, Yoga,Formal Education, Special Education,Informal Education, Pre-vocational and Vocational, Recreation, Medical Services, Transportation Facility, Food and Nutrition's drink, Counselling & Guidence, Music, Activities to Enhance & Strengthen Emotional and Spiritual Development.
The various faces of Aruna Chetana, that is empowering children with special needs and their families for leading a better life,are given below:


Formal Education and Special Education Programme. And also Training in Pre-Vocational Skills, Yga,Crafts,Music,Painting Trataka,Dance,Games,Sports and Recreation.

Buy a product made by a special child at Aruna Chetana's Sheltered workshop.

  • Candles:Assorted sizes & Flooring Candles.
  • Wooden puzzels,Wall hangers,Pen Stands Etc.
  • Different Greeting Cards
  • Paper Bags,Paper Covers.
  • Chalk piece.
  • Handy craft work product, Woolen Mats.
  • Disinfected and Multi purpose liquid cleaning agents.


Sadhana(vocational Training & Rehabilation programme)

Aimed at enabling employobility and economic independence among challenged. The training includes pre-vocational,Vocational Rehabilitation,Sheltered workshop,Functional Academic with Sports and Games. The purpose of the training is become self confidence and as a respectable citizens.

Saaphalya: Care Giver's Training

Programme for parents
To Create Awareness in Parents of special children about their child's Disability, Causes and Give them counselling,Guidence and Support to Treatment,Rehabilitation,Management of the Child. Parents Association also conducted monthly once for the purpose of mutual support of the parents.

We are also involved in various other type of activities in Bengaluru such as:

  • Parental training programme
  • Teacher training programme
  • Counseling skill training for general public
  • Counseling to persons with problems
  • Awareness programmes to normal school/ college students.

We have peripheral centers which are operating in following locations:

  1. Lagerre, Peenya
  2. T Nagar

We also provide technical support to centers at following locations all over Karnataka:

  1. Mudohala
  2. Sirsi
  3. Koppa
  4. Kaiwara