Aruna Chetana, the school for children with multiple disabilities, reached a milestone this year as it completed 28 successful years. It came into existence on 5th December 1987, with the help of parents ,well-wishers and pioneering efforts of late Sri Ajit Kumarji of Hindu Seva Pratishthana. It is now running under the auspices of Janatha Kalyana Nidhi Trust, with the able guidance of Sri Vishvesha Tirtha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar mutt & Sri Sri Nirmalnandanatha Swamiji of Adi Chunchana Giri Math. Aruna Chetana started its operations in the building donated by Smt. Indiramma, with 5 children. Today, there are 180 children here, and it is the only school in the city that caters to "DIVYANG" (Special) children. Most of the children here belong to economically and socially backward backgrounds therefore they are getting complete education free of cost. We are providing formal and non-formal education. Formal education  includes Early Intervention Programe, Pre –School Education Programe, whereas Non- Formal education includes Craft ,Music Painting,Yoga etc for overall development of the child. As the children starts growing up, they need different type of training to become economically independent hence we started a VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE for enabling us to train them in CARPENTRY WORK, CANDLE MAKING ,PAPER PRODUCT WORK & LIQUID SOAP MAKING and started our Vocational Training Center at ground floor ,Bhavu Rao Deshpane Smaraka Bhavan, 6th Cross, 8th Main Malleshwaram , Bangalore -56003.

Aruna Chetana also runs many outreach programs to cater to different areas in and around Bangalore;

  1. Aruna Chetana, school in RT Nagar Started 7 years ago. now having 20 children here.
  2. Aruna chetana, School in Laggere Peenya started in 2014 with 22 physically challenged children.

Aruna Chetana is working towards the all round development of children in all these schools with active cooperation of Local committees and parents' self-help groups. We also provide teaching and technical support to the special schools in Mudhola. 

Being a Charitable Institution, the School is solely depending on the donations we receive from philanthropists, well wishers and Corporates. The children are not charged any fees or donations. Over the years, with the growth of its activities, the expenses of Aruna Chetana have crossed Rs. 70 lakhs per annum. The organisation is managed by an advisory board consisting of retired executives, businessmen / industrialists, and social workers. The efforts of the management is complemented by a team of dedicated, trained, empathetic & experienced teachers to teach these special children and help them in becoming self reliant.

It is sad but true that we often tend to take the gift of nature for granted and realize its value only when we are rudely awakened by the sight of an unfortunate child which is deprived of the gift. The dependence and desolation of the child touches our heart. Wouldn't that child too have its own ambitions? Aspirations and Dreams? A burning desire to help them to realize their aspirations and dreams fills our hearts. Aruna Chetana helps to bring out a change in the life of these children. It helps them to learn to builds their confidence and makes them look at their physical / mental weakness as challenges & become self dependent to gain greater social acceptance. We follow with a goal that every child has the fundamental right of access to education, regardless of being his / her weaknesses. Such children with due training / learning could become self reliant and be no more a burden to their parents by becoming dependent on them; and is entitled to a respectful place in the society. With this objective Aruna Chetana is dedicated in providing a comprehensive service under one roof to such "DIVYANG" (Special)  children.

Goals of the School

  • To strive support holistic development of differently able children.
  • Disability of any form should not hinder the child’s desire to learn. It is vital for every child to be educated. We intend to put in our best effort to educate the children.
  • To work towards making our children self dependent and self sufficient as well as Independent.
  • To impart the civilized and humane aspect of living to groom them to be better citizens.
  • To train children to be a vital and important part of the society and country.


  • Guidance to the parents on “ How to manage special children?’’
  • Provide all the required facilities at one place.
  • Make them ready to inegrate vwith regular schools.

Eligibility for Enrollment

  • Girl child is given first preference.
  • Children with multiple disability are provided with equal opportunities.
  • Single parent children
  • Preference is given to children belonging to financially and economically poor strata of the society.